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General Dermatology

While many dermatology practices place an emphasis on cosmetic treatments and allocate only a limited number of appointments per week for general skin concerns, Bonnie Hooper, NP feels all skin concerns are of equal importance. The discovery of a new mole, an itch that won’t quit, or a child who won’t leave the house because of acne are all issues that need to be addressed expediently.  Here, appointments are booked in the order received and time is reserved each day for “emergencies”.  “I love my general dermatology patients and the variety they provide.  I can’t imagine only offering cosmetic services.”

Cosmetic Dermatology

Cosmetic enhancement embraces a wide range of treatments up to and including surgery.  Many people are afraid that making even the slightest modification in appearance will be obvious and unnatural.  According to Bonnie Hooper, NP, “The key is to be conservative and begin with small steps.  Less is more.  Start with treatments that are reversible or at least temporary.  Evaluate along the way and stop when you like what you see.”  Schedule an appointment for a consultation to discuss your wishes as well as your concerns.  Having an honest, straightforward discussion will help you navigate the maze of available cosmetic treatments.

Bonnie Hooper, NP

In practice for over 20 years, Bonnie Hooper, NP worked for 10 years in one of the foremost dermatology practices in Southern California, Dermatology Associates.  Working as a Nurse Practitioner in a large practice with internationally recognized dermatologists, she developed a unique blend of medical education and patient compassion.  Determined to make a “noticeable difference” in patient care, her focus is on creating a warm environment where patients are known personally and treated individually, whether being seen for either general or for cosmetic concerns.